why ordinary people should run

I’m an ordinary person and I run. I’m slow, I’m no super athlete and in fact I’m not much of an athlete at all. I have very limited time with a job, wife, three kids, dog and so on. This may sound like you as well, so why should you consider running?
Certainly exercise is good for you both physically and mentally, yet in today’s modern world we do not naturally get much exercise if any at all. Few of us need to kill or grow what we eat and in fact most of us have sedentary jobs and often sedentary lifestyles. We need to go out of our way and make a point of exercising, a foreign concept just a few decades ago and actually still today in much of the world.
Running is an ideal exercise for many of us. You can do it almost anywhere. There is no specialized equipment needed other than a pair or sneakers or running shoes and I even run barefoot a lot on the beach. You can do it year round, although I will admit I sometimes run on a treadmill when it’s too cold or nasty outside. And most of us already know how to run!
Running is an amazingly efficient exercise. Twenty minutes of running feel like an hour or more or walking, biking, or even skiing. Since most of us have limited time, running fits in very well to our lives.
Of course before starting any exercise program, check with your doctor, but if you start running, perhaps 2 to 3 times a week, you’ll probably be glad. Just start slowly and with short distances and increase as you get in shape. You’ll look and feel better!

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